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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my website take to complete?

Although no two websites are the same, I can usually complete two standard websites in a week. When we discuss booking I will talk to you about the exact time frames.

I always aim for quality over speed. The time will start when you provide me with the required information and payment.

Can you guarantee a certain amount of visitors/page one, position one?

No. Anyone who does guarantee these things will be using bad SEO techniques which may work temporarily, but will likely seriously harm your site in the long run.

We are certain you will get great results with our SEO services. In most cases, sites we work on do rank on page one (typicaly within 3 months of setup). We do things properly in the way the search engines like.

If you have any questions about this please do book a call so I can help you.

How many revisions of the website do I get?

While you shouldn’t need these (we discuss your brief and requirements beforehand), we give you two revisions with the basic and standard packages and four with the Ecommerce plan.

Revisions are not for making major changes, just little tweaks. Each revision is a maximum of two hours of work time after this I can work for an hourly fee of £25.

Do I need hosting/a domain name when I buy a package?

When you sign up for a web design package with us it includes a years free domain name (this then can be renewed at cost from our hosting provider).

Hosting is a requirement for your website to stay up, we are extremely reasonable and charge only £5.99 per month for Basic and Standard websites. Ecommerce hosting will cost only £15.99 per month. We can do further discounts if you pay a year at a time.

Will my website be secure?

No website is truly 100% safe (even large companies like British Airways have been hacked). We install a well-regarded security plugin on your website (the same one we are running on this website). We also install a basic SSL certificate with every site we build.

While the basic included plugin is often more than satisfactory for most people, it can be upgraded to an even more secure system. You can get support from the plugin company in the rare event of a hack for approximately £200 to recover most sites.

Please keep your passwords and information secure and change them on a regular basis.

How hard is it to carry out the DIY SEO plan?

It’s very straight forward and easy to follow (especially if you had your website built by us). We make it as easy for you as possible. If you are able to write and send an email then you will already have the skill level needed.

Success does rely on following all of the steps (which are all clearly explained). Adding your own ideas is okay as long as you follow the steps we provide as well.

We find that those who don’t follow our plan to the point take a lot longer to rank. If you don’t want to follow the plan, it’s probably not worth the investment.